The PhD fellowship at Universite d’Angers

PhD Project at Universite d’Angers (France) with the support of
University of Wroclaw (Poland), Warsaw University of Technology (Poland)
and Institut de Cancerologie Ouest, Angers-Nantes (France)

Title: Graphical SLOPE for coloured graphical models with applications
in genetics and medicine

The PhD fellowship will be financed by
- Project SIRIC ILIAD (INCa-DGOS-Inserm 12558) Nantes-Angers, 2018-2022.
(SIRIC=Sites de Recherche Integree sur le Cancer, ILIAD=Imaging and
Longitudinal Investigations to Ameliorate Decision making in multiple
myeloma and breast cancer. A grant directed by ICO=Institut Cancerologie
Ouest-France, with 19 research institutes of Region Pays de la Loire)
- Universite d’Angers
- Erasmus doctoral fellowships

Deadline: 31.08.2019

All details can be found here:

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