Tenure track positions in Mexico

There are two tenure track positions open in Mexico, both oriented to statistics in a broad sense, one in Mexico City and one in Guanajuato. Both institutions have a vibrant academic environment.

Institute for Research in Applied Mathematics and Systems (IIMAS), UNAM, México city

Research in the probability and statistics department in IIMAS covers different areas of statistics and probability. Basic research in statistics is carried out as well as the development of models which describes phenomena in other disciplines. Some of this work has to do with concrete applications to problems of national significance.

In recent years, the academic staff in this Department have worked mainly in the following lines of research: Multivariate distributions with rational Laplace transform, Bayesian statistics, spatial statistics, statistical inference, statistics in science, sampling theory, space measurement optimization, Markov decision processes, stochastic processes, time series, theory of copulas and mathematical finance.

Center for Mathematical Research, Guanajuato

CIMAT announces an available tenure-track position in Probability and Statistics

CIMAT focuses on the creation, transmission and application of specialist knowledge in the fields of mathematics, statistics and computer science. CIMAT is recognized both at home and abroad for its tradition of educational excellence and progressive scientific development, its areas of advanced mathematical specialization and its power to attract students from all over the world to come and develop their talents in one of the world’s foremost centres for mathematics and computing research. The Probability and Statistics Department faculty at Guanajuato consists of ten researchers in the fields of Probability Theory and Stochastic Processes, and ten researchers in Statistics and its applications. The Department maintains fruitful cooperation with many prestigious institutions around the world and constitutes one of the most active and renowned research groups in Latin America.

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