Professor position at Université de Toulouse 3 Paul Sabatier

Full Professor position in Analysis/Probability at Paul Sabatier University (Toulouse 3)

The Toulouse Institute of Mathematics (IMT) is hiring a top-level researcher specializing in analysis or probability theory as a full professor at Paul Sabatier University (Toulouse 3). The main selection criteria for this position will be: the scientific excellence of the application, the clarity and relevance of the research project, the ability to lead scientific activities and the adequation to teaching needs.

Research Profile: The candidate is expected to be a leader in a field of analysis or probability. No research theme in analysis or probability is privileged. The new recruit may reinforce at the theoretical or more applied level the themes already strong in the laboratory (such as functional analysis, geometric analysis, calculus of variations, stochastic equations or processes, random matrices, etc.), or contribute to developing new ones. Particular attention will be paid to applications that would strengthen the interactions between probability and analysis. In addition to their personal research activities, university professors are expected to be involved in scientific animation and in research management.

Teaching: Teaching in the mathematics department of Paul Sabatier University covers all aspects of the discipline, from research-oriented courses to those intended for non-specialist students.
In addition to scientific expertise, the candidate should demonstrate solid teaching skills and be open to pedagogical innovation. The recruited person is expected to eventually take on teaching-related responsibilities. Teaching load is standardized over French universities and roughly equivalent to two courses per semester. Paul Sabatier University offers a teaching reduction of one third during the first two years.

Proficiency in French language: The official teaching language at our department is mostly French, apart from certain Master programs which are taught in English. Only a part of the teaching duties can be done in such programs, so the candidate is expected to be able to teach in French language. Also, French regulations require the job application to be written and the interview to be held in French.

Scientific Environment: IMT is a highly reputed institute: Paul Sabatier University ranks 51-75 in the 2022 ARWU ("Shanghai") ranking for Mathematics.
It offers a very rich scientific environment covering the whole of mathematics. The recruited person will be able to benefit from the opportunities offered by the Labex CIMI (International Center for Mathematics and Computer Science), by the Institute of Artificial Intelligence ANITI, or by the graduate school MINT (Mathematics and INteraction in Toulouse). In addition, Toulouse's ecosystem of applied research, both public and industrial, offers numerous opportunities for interaction. Finally, Toulouse is a very dynamic student city and benefits from a beautiful location in the south of France (an hour and a half away from the Mediterranean sea and the Pyrenees mountains).

Submission of applications for the position: February-March 2023 (expected), via the official website "Galaxie"
Interviews: May 2023 (expected)

Interested candidates are encouraged to contact us.

Franck Barthe <> (head of IMT)
Jean-Marc Bouclet <> (Analysis group leader)
Pascal Maillard <> (Probability group leader)

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