Postdoctoral position in Probability in Paris (ANR grant SWiWS)

Postdoctoral position in Probability in Paris (ANR grant SWiWS)
We offer­ a 1-year postdoctoral position in Probability Theory beginning Fall 2019 and funded by the ANR grant SWiWS. All candidates with a background in Probability, and interested in working on the mathematical aspects of polymer folding, interacting random walks and related topics, are encouraged to apply. The position is officially attached with Paris-Est, and collaboration is expected with members of the SWiWS project.

Eligibility criteria:

Holding a PhD in Mathematics.
Members of SWiWS project:

Amine Asselah, Quentin Berger, Francis Comets, Yueyun Hu, Julien Poisat, Bruno Schapira, Perla Sousi.

Contract details:

Funding will also be available to participate in scientific events related to the project.

Applications should be sent by email and include: a CV, a list of publications, a description of research project

as well as 2 letters of recommendation. Deadlines are 1st of July 2019.
Contact :​​

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