Postdoc Positions Stochastic Analysis Berlin

Within the research unit “Rough Paths, Stochastic Partial Differential Equations and Related Topics” (FOR 2402) funded by the German Research Council, TU Berlin, WIAS, HU Berlin, U Potsdam and U Bielefeld invite applications for PostDoc positions within the following projects:

• P1: SPDEs - a rough path perspective, P. K. Friz (TU/WIAS), M. Hofmanova (Bielefeld), W. Stannat (TU),

• P2: Foundations of regularity structures, P. K. Friz (TU), S. Paycha (Potsdam), N. Perkowski (HU),

• P3: Numerical analysis of rough PDEs, C. Bayer (WIAS), R. Kruse (TU), J. Schoenmakers (WIAS),

• P4: Rough paths and random dynamical systems, P. Imkeller (HU), S. Riedel (TU), M. Scheutzow (TU),

• P5: Singular SPDEs - approximation and statistical properties, J. D. Deuschel (TU), W. König (WIAS/TU), N. Perkowski (HU),

Applications are invited for several postdoctoral research fellow positions to work within our research unit, typically directed by the PIs of the respective project teams P1-P5.

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