Postdoc position - Sapienza University of Rome (Dep. Statistical Sciences)

There is a second postdoc opening in the new group of Enrico Scalas, this time under the supervision of Costantino Ricciuti. Please see below. The call is in Italian, but help is available.

Title: Random processes and their applications
Duration: 12 months.

At: Department of Statistical Sciences, Sapienza University of Rome

Description: The research will partly focus on the interactions between non-local and fractional equations, anomalous diffusions and semi-Markov processes. We are looking for candidates with mathematical skills and/or the ability to manage applied models. The call is open to mathematicians, physicists, statisticians, as well as graduates in economics and engineering.

The call can be found at the following link

Candidates must apply by January 27, 2024.

If you need help in applying you can contact . You can also contact the same address for any information.

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