Postdoc on the mathematics of supply chain

We have a postdoc position at Luiss University on the mathematics of supply chain.

A supply chain is modeled as a network whose vertices are firms and whose edges represent their interactions. The network evolves dynamically, and may be affected by sudden disruptions. Many of the existing supply-chain models are static and, when dealing with disruptions, compare pre- and post-shock equilibria. In real life, the effects of disruption take time to spread across the network. Understanding this temporal element is fundamental for taking mitigating actions. The main goal of this project is to study dynamic models of supply-chain disruption. The formal analysis of this phenomenon will use tools from network theory, probability theory, game theory, operations management, optimization, dynamical systems, machine learning, data science. We are looking for a candidate who has a strong expertise in at least one of the above fields.

Title of the project:
A dynamic analysis of supply-chain networks and their disruption

Length of the position: 36 months
Gross annual salary: € 36.480,57

Application deadline: 2024/05/03, 14:00 Central European Summer Time (CEST)

The call for this postdoc can be found here:

The candidates must submit their application online here:

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