post-doc in stochastic analysis/Riemannian geometry

The Korteweg-de Vries Institute for Mathematics is offering a 2 year postdoc position in stochastic analysis in the Applied Probability Research group, on Sonja Cox's NWO VIDI project “Numerical analysis for stochastic differential equations in Riemannian manifolds”. The goal of this project is to develop and analyse numerical schemes for SDEs in Riemannian manifolds. Simulations of SDEs in Riemannian manifolds are used in cell biology, data visualisation, image recognition, and in general in statistics when analysing geometrically constrained data. This project is mainly of a theoretical nature: our goal is to develop suitable approximation schemes and analyse their convergence rates. The post-doc may also set up/maintain her/his own line of research, provided it has some connections this project.

There is a strong and growing community working on stochastic analysis in Riemannian manifolds in the Netherlands, involving researchers from the UvA, VU, and TU Delft who meet e.g. in a fortnightly reading group. Moreover, the above-mentioned NWO project also includes funding for one PhD student (who started September 2023) and a workshop (to be held in 2025). The applicant is welcome (but certainly not obliged) to get involved in the supervision of the PhD student and/or the organisation of the conference.

We are looking for a candidate with a background in stochastic analysis, preferably with some experience in numerical analysis or Riemannian geometry.

The application deadline is March 17th; interviews for this position will probably take place in the week of April 8th. For more information and to apply, please see:

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