Positions at TU Delft

As you know, we will have quite some vacancies in the near future. Currently DIAM is looking for an assistant professor (TT) in Statistics. If you know people in your network you think fit for and interested in this position, please point them towards the vacancy. Maybe better even, send an email to me with the website of the person so I can make them aware of the position and encourage them to apply.

Another vacancy will be opened up soon. Stated broad within our department and /especially focused at female candidates/. Also here, please think of possible good candidates in your network and follow the procedure mentioned above (draw their attention to the vacancy or inform me on possible candidates). As soon as the vacancy will be posted online, we will share the link with you all.

Thanks in advance for using your network in helping us to fill the open positions!

With best regards, on behalf of the DIAM MT, Geurt

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