PhD research fellowship, Mathematical pharmacology / applied maths / bioinformatics, Freie Universität Berlin - Universität Potsdam

Call for applications within the interdisciplinary PhD program PharMetrX

The Graduate Research Training Program PharMetrX: Pharmacometrics &
Computational Disease Modelling is an interdisciplinary PhD program bridging
pharmacy and mathematics. It aims at understanding the drug-patient-disease
interaction by analysing data of drug concentration, effect & disease
profiles of pre-/clinical trials and of therapeutic care by developing and
using mathematical & statistical models.

We are currently inviting applications to enrol in the PharMetrX Research+
Program or the PharMetrX Training+ Program.

The PharMetrX Research+ Program (Research & Training & Network) comprises an
excellent research environment in the vibrant Berlin/Potsdam area,
fascinating and innovative research projects in a highly relevant field,
truly transdisciplinary supervision, an individual mentorship from one of
the associated industry partners, a specifically tailored training program
of compact modules, a network of peers and a highly competitive 3.5 years

The PharMetrX Training+ Program (Training & Network) offers a specifically
tailored training program of compact modules that convey the foundations in
pharmacokinetics & pharmacodynamics, systems biology, statistics,
methodological approaches of modelling & simulation etc. as well as a
network of peers. It is open for PhD students who have already started their
PhD in the field of pharmacometrics or will do so soon.

Both programs are open to candidates with a university degree in pharmacy,
pharmaceutical sciences, mathematics/statistics, bioinformatics, life
sciences or medicine. See for further details.

Deadline for applications: 15 September 2020.

PharMetrX is a joint program of Freie Universität Berlin and the Universität
Potsdam, supported by a consortium of global research-driven pharmaceutical

Charlotte Kloft & Wilhelm Huisinga
Program Chairs

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