PhD positions at UCL Statistical Science (deadline 22 January 2024)

Probability theory is a central research theme at UCL Statistical Science. Our research spans several topics including: coupling, ergodic theory, growth-fragmentation, insurance risk, Levy processes, optimal transport, point processes, random graphs, random interfaces, processes with reinforcement, scaling limits, and statistical mechanics.

All PhD students in probability at UCL Statistical Science will be part of and supported by our group. They will also have the opportunity to interact with closely related areas in statistical theory such as causal inference and Markov chain Monte Carlo.

In their first year, new students will have the chance to partake in basic and advanced training in probability and statistics, with the aim that a student in our group will be conversant with the main research in the probability group and will be familiar with the broader research in statistical theory.

For more information, interested students are encouraged to contact:

Alessandra Cipriani,;

Codina Cotar,;

Terry Soo,;

Alex Watson,

Our department has a current call for studentships, which are centrally managed. Applications are invited for up to 5 PhD Studentships based at the Department of Statistical Science, UCL. The position can involve any topic within the Statistical Science remit. The positions available are:

--Up to 4 Departmentally-funded Teaching Assistantships - Starting date in September 2024.

--1 Studentship funded by the Heilbronn Institute - Starting date in September 2024.

--Deadline for Applications: 22 January 2024.

The details of these scholarships, including the eligibility requirements and application procedure are available from the link below:

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