PhD Position: Smeary Limit Theorems, University of Göttingen (Institute for Mathematical Stochastics)

University of Göttingen (Institute for Mathematical Stochastics), PhD
Position: Smeary Limit Theorems

Funded by the DFG (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft) a PhD position is
available at the University of Göttingen (Institute for Mathematical
Stochastics) for a PhD student to work at the interface of
- Riemannian geometry,
- statistics (also on manifolds) and
- empirical process theory
each on a rather basic level, the challenge lies, however, in their
non-trivial combination.

This research project led by Professor Stephan Huckemann focuses on a
deeper understanding of smeary limit theorems. Central limit theorems
for intrinsic Frechet means (also: barycenters) have been developed in
the beginning of this century. Recently, it became astonishingly clear
that such limit theorems may feature nonstandard rates, depending on the
original distribution - very much in contrast to classical theory. The
reason lies in topology and geometry, and it seems that both effects
contribute differently to this new phenomenon.

Prospective candidates have an excellent degree in mathematics or
statistics, and a strong interest in this interdisciplinary research area.

Please mail applications (cover letter, CV, transcripts and e-mail
address of an academic referee) in a single pdf file and a copy of the
master thesis to
Prof. Stephan Huckemann

Application deadline: 08.12.2019. E-mail inquiries are welcome.
This position should be filled by 01.01.2020.
Salary: Pay grade 13 TV-L (currently 29,85 hours per week) with a
limited contract of 3 years.


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