PhD fellow in Business Statistics at HKUST

I’m currently in the process of recruiting a PhD student in the area of financial econometrics / asymptotic statistics to start at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) in Fall 2024. If you have a strong candidate in mind who might be interested and has finished or is close to finishing their undergraduate/Bachelor or Master degree, I would appreciate your asking them to get in touch with me. I’m looking for someone with a strong background in mathematics/probability/statistics, background in finance is not required.

While the PhD admission is centralized at the school/department level, individual faculty will have a say in the selection process. The following link is a good starting point for understanding the HKUST PhD admission process:

(There are two types of PhD scholarships: the standard Postgraduate Fellowship and a Hong Kong PhD Fellowship for particularly outstanding candidates.)

If a candidate has any questions about HKUST, the PhD program, the department, me, or life in Hong Kong, they can contact me anytime.

Carsten H. Chong (he/him/his)

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