Open Postdoc Positions in Leipzig

The Max Planck Institute for Mathematics in the Sciences (MPI MiS)
invites applications for several Postdoctoral Research Positions.

MPI MiS is a research institute located in Leipzig, Germany. Our
research advances outward looking mathematics. We develop mathematical
methods for applications, and we translate problems from the sciences,
humanities and engineering into mathematical challenges. We are
committed to innovative fundamental research, and to transferring
concepts and structures from mathematics into other academic fields.

We are interested in hiring Postdocs working in areas like stochastic
partial differential equations, random dynamics, stochastic analysis,
nonlinear partial differential equations but also in areas like
complexity and cognition, discrete random geometry, materials science,
fluid dynamics, mathematical biology, mathematical and theoretical
physics, applied algebra, algebraic statistics or combinatorics.

The offer:
- PostDoc position for 1-3 years.
- No teaching duties, but the possibility to teach an advanced course in
our international graduate school.
- Deadline December 01 (starting date flexible).

More details about the application process and the online application
system can be found here:

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