LTI@UniTO call for fellowship

LTI@UniTO, a think tank of the University of Torino (Italy) promoting
independent research on long-term investing and long-term investors
(LTIs), has launched a call for fellowships for a research visit of two
months to the University of Torino in 2020/2021.

Candidates must send their application (CV + research program,
approximately 2 pages) to before midnight, ECT, March 22nd, 2020.

Up to 4 Senior and 4 Junior fellowships are available.

Senior Fellowships are targeted at applicants with a publication history
in top Finance/Econ academic journals. Total remuneration (for the
entire period – gross and including all expenses): € 18000.

Junior Fellowships are targeted at either PhD candidates or scholars
with a PhD in Finance, Economics or a related field. Remuneration (for
the entire period – gross and including all expenses): € 6000.

For more information visit

or reach out to


The research programs should be related to one of the themes in the
Strategic List below and must be included in the Application.


• Interaction between financial markets and the real economy including
start-up funding, impact finance, infrastructure, SME financing;
• Role of LTIs in traditional financial markets (systemic risk,
stability, pro or countercyclicality, liquidity and impact on
prices...), as well as on private markets;
• Risk and return of private markets (private equity, private debt,
private placements);
• Asset Management or ALM of LTIs, including past experiences, models,
benchmarking, constraints on expenditures and liabilities;
• Mandates, delegation and effectiveness of monitoring (short term
accountability versus long-term strategies);
• Optimal contracts in delegated portfolio management: what is the
effectiveness of using benchmarking and bonus/target incentive schemes;
• The collective costs of short-horizon investment and their control
(regulatory constraints);
• Fintech for LTIs (e.g., robo-advice): opportunities and risks;
• Benefits and costs of financial regulation and macro prudential
policies that matter to LTIs;
• Real estate and real estate funds: risk, return and their role in the
ALM of LTIs;
• LTIs, sustainable finance and Green Financing.

Please help share this information among colleagues and all possibly
interested people.

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