Doctoral research positions at the University of Edinburgh

We are currently looking for a PhD student to work with Dr Jiawei Li ( on topics on probabilistic characterisation of turbulent flows: project description below. This would be a fully-funded PhD studentship, with 4 years of funding starting in September 2024. It would be really helpful if you could advertise this position to any relevant students and ask that interested candidates to contact Dr Jiawei Li directly at

We encourage any interested students to apply, in particular women and members of underrepresented groups. We are hoping to shortlist candidates in the next 2 to 3 weeks, so time is a little tight!

Project description: As the most important unsolved problem in classical physics, turbulence is known to be chaotic, unpredictable and irregular. Its velocity is commonly characterised by the stochastic Navier-Stokes equation or a Navier-Stokes equation with random initial data. We are interested in the probabilistic characterisations of turbulent flows, for instance, finding the distribution of a turbulent velocity field, new numerical schemes to simulate turbulent flows in bounded domains, and stochastic vortex models arising from these numerical schemes.

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