Competition funded PhD project in Probability at University of Bath

Dear colleagues,

I am announcing a competition funded PhD Project, open to students from UK and EU, with anticipated start date 28 September 2020. The student would work with me, on problems related to the random walk on the exclusion process, and possibly other self-interacting random walks. Hendrik Weber would act as co-supervisor. The deadline for application is 8 December 2019.

Informal enquiries should be directed to me, at

The student would be working within Prob-L@b, the Probability Research Centre at the University of Bath, and would be able to enjoy interaction with our great and diverse team in Probability. This position is based on competition, which means that the candidate will have to be accepted not only by me, but also by the admissions of the University of Bath and this project will compete against a few other projects in Mathematics.

The advert with more information on the project and how to apply can be found on the two following pages:

I would greatly appreciate if you could share this announcement with possible candidates and with colleagues.

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