Assistant Prof. in viral phylodynamics, Stockholm Univ

The Department of Mathematics in Stockholm University is looking for an assistant professor in viral phylodynamics. Last day to apply is 28 December 2022.

The subject of the position includes mathematical, mathematical statistical and computational aspects of how epidemiological, immunological and evolutionary processes affect viral phylogenies.

Some central mathematical/statistical/computational concepts include coalescent models, epidemic models, phylogenetics and effective population size. The methods are used for learning more about epidemic spread and virus evolution using massive sequence data from infected individuals in space and time.

During the first six years of employment, the main workplace for the successful candidate will be SciLifeLab, Campus Solna, though formally, the Department of Mathematics will be the employer.

The main responsibilities of the position is research and in addition some teaching and supervision. Teaching mainly in mathematics, mathematical statistics or computational mathematics/data science.

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