PhD in theoretical probability/statistical mechanics at UU (Utrecht, NL)

There is a vacancy for a PhD position in theoretical probability/statistical mechanics at UU in Utrecht, NL. I would appreciate if you forwarded it to potentially interested students.

Description of the project:
Lattice models from statistical mechanics have been successfully used in various areas to describe macroscopic properties of interacting systems by specifying their microscopic interactions. Key objects are Gibbs measures, which describe macroscopic equilibrium states of large systems of many interacting objects. In case the interaction is of finite range, the geometry of Gibbs measures and most of its properties are well understood. Many interesting physical systems have interactions which decay polynomially or are of Coulomb type. In this context, many natural questions are still open. In the PhD project we will investigate the geometry of the simplex of Gibbs measures with nonlocal interactions, effective interface models and their scaling limits. The research work lies in the intersection of theoretical probability, analysis and mathematical physics.

We are looking for a student with a master’s degree in mathematics and some affinity to theoretical physics.

For more information and application please go to:

Deadline for the application: 29.04.2023.

Kind regards Wioletta Ruszel

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