2 PostDoc Positions in Statistics and Applied Mathematics at Georg-August University Göttingen

The Research Training Group RTG 2088 "Discovering Structure in Complex Data: Statistics Meets Optimization and Inverse Problems" at the Georg-August University Göttingen offers

2 PostDoc Positions (all genders welcome)

from April 1, 2020 - March 31, 2023. The salary is in accordance with the German public service salary scale (E13 TV-L) with 100% of the regular working hours (currently 39.8 hours per week).

The research projects in this RTG focus on new mathematical concepts for the efficient reconstruction and classification of relevant structural information in data sets, without reconstructing the entire information inherent in the data. One of the guiding principles of this RTG consists of discovering and rigorously exploiting structural a priori information in order to obtain the desired information. Methodically, specific emphasis is laid upon the interplay between approaches in statistics, optimization, and inverse problems.

We are looking for postdocs who have strong expertise related to at least one of the fields inverse problems, optimization, mathematical statistics, data analysis, probability theory, computational topology or mathematical signal and image processing, but showing considerable breadth in her/his previous research and a willingness to explore new topics.

Candidates should fulfill the following requirements:
- An excellent Master's degree or equivalent qualification, followed by
a doctorate in mathematics with a strong publication record;
- A strong background in one of the mathematical disciplines covered by the RTG;
- Very good English skills (written and spoken);
- Willingness to work in interdisciplinary teams;
- Good programming skills are beneficial.

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Application deadline: January 22, 2020

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